Does Your Voicemail Message Reflect Your Professional Image?

The job search process involves various touch points. Touch points include sending C.V.s and cover letters via email or post, video screening, telephone interviewing, Skype interviewing, face to face interviewing, psychometric testing, reference checking, etc.

The touch point used in over 50% of the recruitment time is the telephone. We all carry our mobile phones with us everywhere and are generally contactable at all times.

Down time from this “always-on” world is important. Technology assists us in achieving this balance through the use of voicemail.

Voicemail Messages are an Opportunity for us to Convey our Professionalism

It isn’t always possible to reach a job seeker in relation to a specific job opportunity via phone. Often, people are unable to speak freely during work, for example. However, hearing a professional voicemail and having the ability to leave a message easily allows job seekers to find out more about the job opportunity, at a more convenient time for them.

Voicemail messages can either be the standard message from the mobile phone operator or a personalised one recorded by the job seeker. It doesn’t matter whether or not the message is pre-recorded or standard. It does matter that a voicemail facility exists.

An Effective Pre-Recorded Voicemail Message Contains:

  • Clearly spoken message with good diction
  • Pleasant tone and pace of voice ie not gruff or rushed
  • No background music or distracting noise
  • Of a relatively short nature
  • No slang or shouted message

Prompt Responses are Important!

The most important part of an effective voicemail is that it is checked by the job seeker regularly and calls returned in a prompt manner.

Returning calls promptly to a recruiter indicates that the job seeker is prompt, professional, serious about their job search, efficient and has good time management skills.

Lethargic responses to voicemails can give the perception of a lack lustre approach to his or her job search and career.

No one is expected to be available to take every call. Every person has the opportunity to let technology work to their advantage.  Use this advantage and set up your voicemail today.


Don’t let the next great job opportunity slip by!