GDPR – Greater Data Quality for Professional Recruitment Agencies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force on the 25th May 2018, replacing the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.

This date fast approaches at the end of this week. It is imperative that organisations involved in data processing of any sort within the EU comply with this regulation.

There will be huge benefits of GDPR to job seekers using recruitment agencies.

The media has focused on the work required for organisations to comply with this regulation. However, it’s more useful to look at the benefits of this regulation instead.

Benefits of using Recruitment Agencies with GDPR in Place

Transparency of Data Usage
Job seekers will now be clear as to why their data is being used by recruitment agencies. Candidate files have always accessible within recruitment agencies.  This will remain to be the case going forward. Recruitment agencies have been established in Ireland since the 1970s. All agencies in operation have been compelled to email everyone in their database to confirm continued consent to hold their files. People may have received emails from agencies they forgot they registered with. It’s important to ensure that recruitment agencies are operating on your behalf with current and relevant information, not a CV from when you first graduated from college!

Assurance of Express Permission given to hold CV on file
Job seekers will now be asked if they allow for their CV to be held on file by recruitment agencies. It is important that job seekers give permission to relevant agencies to hold their details on file so that they don’t miss out on possible opportunities. It will also ensure that you are represented by the agency of your choice.

Increased Confidence in Agencies
Job seekers will have increased confidence in recruitment agencies as they will be aware who is controlling and processing data concerning their career. Recruitment agencies who operate ethically and in conjunction with these regulations will instil greater confidence amongst those seeking a new job opportunity.

Only Relevant Data being held on file
Recruitment agencies only need to hold relevant data on file. Relevant data comprises data that is directly applicable to your job applications. Bank details, PPS numbers, etc do not need to be held centrally on your file, merely with payroll. It is important that you know that only relevant data is held and GDPR will ensure this is the case.

GDPR will have far reaching effects on the recruitment industry.  However; for those of us who have always operated ethically; it will not be a concern.  Aspire Recruitment will continue to be GDPR compliant as we continue to support you in reaching your career aspirations!