How Should I Deal With a Counter Offer?

Attractive job offers are welcome and the excitement builds about the new job opportunity that has presented itself! In the midst of the excitement about the upcoming change, the conversation concerning your resignation needs to take place. Ideally, have this conversation face to face and have a brief letter written confirming your resignation that you can hand to them after the conversation, so that the formalities are taken care of. Ensure that you thank the employer for the opportunity as often your current position has allowed you to move to your new opportunity and good manners never go out of fashion!

Before having the conversation, please be aware that you may be counter offered to ensure that you remain with the organisation. If this does happen you, do not accept the counter offer and ensure that you thank them but be clear that you are moving on. Some employees will wilt at this stage and wait for the contents of a counter offer to come back. Please remember you are taking time from several people’s work day to come back with a counter offer that you have no intention on taking. This is not good practice and will leave a bad impression of you. The most important thing is that everything is left nicely as you never know when your paths may cross in future. Good manners cost nothing!

For those who wonder why they shouldn’t accept a counter offer, it has been proven that most of those that do accept a counter offer leave within six months of accepting that counter offer. It’s rarely just about the money and if it were, that conversation should have been had with the employer before exploring other external job opportunities. Employers and people within organisations appreciate when employees are honest with them and admire that characteristic. Make your exit as easy as possible with a thorough handover and remember to thank them again for the opportunity. Leave on a good note. It will stand to you!