Is it Important to have a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a Great Networking Tool

LinkedIn is a great networking tool.  People frequently complain LinkedIn is becoming too informal.  However, it is a great source of relevant articles and a great way to network and build business relationships.

A LinkedIn Profile is akin to a Business Card or CV

Some people do not have a LinkedIn profile and do well without one. However, in this day and age of digital and virtual existences, a LinkedIn profile is akin to a business card or CV.  A LinkedIn profile verifies where a person is working. There is a perception that a lot of hiring is done via LinkedIn and that is true to a point but not completely accurate.

Skilled Professionals are in High Demand

LinkedIn profiles containing those skills that are in higher demand tend to receive the most unsolicited contact from recruiters. By including skills and details on your profile that are relevant to areas of potential interest, you can minimise the chances of excessive unwanted efforts to contact you.

LinkedIn is Superb for Passive Candidates

LinkedIn is superb for passive candidates ie those that are not actively searching but perhaps a particular opportunity offering progression would be of interest to them. Over the years, there have been appointments made like this via LinkedIn networks. Busy working professionals are often time poor.  Having an updated LinkedIn profile can ensure that where unique and lucrative opportunities arise in the market, you will not miss out. For the sake of thirty minutes to create a LinkedIn profile, it could be thirty minutes well spent!

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