Interviewing Potential Employees is a Marketing Opportunity

The interview process is a two way street

There is naturally on onus on the candidate to demonstrate their relevant experience at the interview.  It is also important that the candidate outline their interest in the available job.

It is vital to remember the employer has responsibilities also

The employer is responsible for ensuring that the candidate hears about the entire offering from the employer.  The interview will be the first impression the candidate has of the employer.  It is crucial that the employer gets the interview right for this reason.  Good candidates will always have other options open to them.  Remember the importance of explaining to your interviewees the reasons they should want to work for you.

The basics are often forgotten

How do Employers Give a Good Impression of their Organisation?

Be Polite and Respectful to the Candidate

Treat the candidate as you would wish to be treated

Be on Time for the Interview

The candidate is likely to be nervous.  Don’t make things harder for them by leaving them waiting.  It’s also bad manners and gives a bad impression.

Welcome the Candidate to the Organisation

People like to feel wanted and welcome in all situations.  Ensure they are made to feel welcome in the organisation.  This may be a place they end up spending a lot of time in, if they are successful in their job interview.

Thank the Candidate for Taking the Time to Attend the Interview

Candidates may have taken annual leave to attend the interview.  They have spent time preparing for the interview and they have spent money in travelling to the interview.  Thank them for this.  They didn’t have to do it!

Ask Questions that Allow the Candidate to Explain their Experience

Don’t ask closed questions.  Ask questions that allow the individual to talk about their relevant experience.  The candidate can only give information on their relevant experience if you allow them to do so.  Ensure you have questions prepared in advance of the interview if you are unsure.

Listen to the Answers the Candidate Gives

Nobody wishes to feel they are not being heard.  The candidate has spent time preparing for this interview.  It is vital you listen and demonstrate that you are listening.

Probe their Answers to Demonstrate that you are Listening to Them

This activity will clearly demonstrate that you are listening.  It will also allow you to hear more detail about the relevant experience for the job.

Give Sufficient Time for the Interview to Take Place

Allow sufficient time.  This will ensure you are relaxed during the interview.  The candidate will not appreciate feeling under additional pressure.  They will notice if you are rushing through the interview.  This is not the impression you wish to give at the interview.

When the candidate asks questions during the interview, answer them diligently

Don’t rush through a brief answer to a candidate’s questions.  Ensure you give the relevant information which allows the candidate to make an informed decision on the job.  Commercially sensitive information can never be given but that can be referenced to the candidate.  This will demonstrate to the candidate that you take confidentiality seriously in your organisation.

Take notes during the interview

It is difficult to remember all that is said during an interview.  Brief notes will greatly assist in decision making post interview.  It also shows clear interest in what the candidate is saying.

Give a Clear Outline of the Timeline the Candidate can Expect to Wait to Hear Back from them

Tell the candidate what the next steps are and when they are likely to hear back.  Whatever is outlined here, ensure that you stick to it!  Not hearing back post interview is a huge source of frustration for candidates.

Thank the candidate for taking the time to attend for interview

Ensure to thank the candidate again.  It is good manners and important to include.

Shake their hand at the end of the interview

An interview is a formal meeting.  Treat it as such.

Walk them back to reception and wish them a safe journey

Ensure they reach the reception area safely.  Wishing them a safe journey leaves a positive impression with the candidate.  It is also good manners.

All of these tips are common sense

However, it is often the basic things that are overlooked in interviews.  When you are demonstrating what your company has to offer, ensure that you follow these steps.  You will find that candidates get a better idea of you as an employer.  It will increase your chances of getting your preferred candidate when it comes to the job offer stage.  If you need further advice on this from our recruitment consultants, get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you.