Multilingual Job Opportunities in Ireland

“Galway is now the most multilingual city in Ireland”! “Some 20 per cent of Galwegians speak more than one language.”

“Galway is now the most multilingual city in Ireland with 20% of the city’s population speaking a language other than Irish or English at home, according to a new report by two NUI Galway academics.”

“The report, entitled “Language and Migration in Ireland”, written by Dr Anne O’Connor and Dr Andrea Ciribuco, and which was launched recently by the Minister for Equality, Immigration and Integration, David Stanton, found that around 66 different languages are spoken in the city with Polish, French, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish, German, Russian and Portuguese, the most widely used.”

“There are currently 612,018 people in the Republic, or 13% of the overall population, who are multilingual.”

It’s not many Irish cities that can claim this high level of multilingual ability. With high costs of living in Dublin, it brings a new appeal to other cities such as Galway, Limerick, Cork, etc. The salaries for some multilingual roles tend to vary little between Dublin and other cities.

This allows those working in Limerick or Galway to have a higher standard of living at similar salaries. Job opportunities include customer service and technical support with French, German, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Arabic – just to name a few!

With Brexit approaching, according to the Irish Independent “Ireland will be only one of two English-speaking countries in the EU after the UK departs: the other is the small Mediterranean island of Malta.”

We need to think about the larger opportunities for Ireland to trade in non English speaking countries. This can be facilitated only where we have the language speaking ability. Perhaps now is the time to focus on how we can all add to our language speaking skills in this regard. With online courses available at the touch of a button, perhaps these opportunities should be taken and used to our overall economic benefit!

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