Nervous About Returning to the Office?

Today is the 20th September 2021 and the First Day Employees can Return to Workplaces

Today is the 20th September 2021 and the first day that employees can return to workplaces in a cautious and careful manner.

On Thursday, 12th March 2020, Our Lives Changed

On Thursday 12th March 2020, we listened to the announcement that a two-week lockdown was about to commence.  Life as we knew it changed irrevocably.  We stood together in uncertainly and camaraderie as our freedoms were restricted like never before!

Eighteen Months Later …

This two week lockdown continued in various forms for the following eighteen months until here we are in September 2021.  This point of the pandemic is a brighter, more hopeful time and we welcome the returns of our individual freedoms.

Working during the Pandemic has been Different for Everybody

Some were deemed essential workers and front line workers.  These people continued “as normal” in terms of their daily commute.  Others; deemed non-essential; were directed to work from home in a “new normal” and of course, let’s not forget those who lost their jobs.

After eighteen months of unexpected remote working, a return to the office may seem daunting for many.

Are You Nervous About Returning to the Workplace?

If you’re nervous about returning to the office today or indeed after any period of absence, these tips may assist you:

  • Admit you are feeling nervous or apprehensive. Lots of people are finding the change difficult to get used to
  • Seek support from management or your HR department as to how best to address the return
  • Link back in with colleagues and friends who work nearby to ease yourself back into the workplace
  • Remind yourself of how you used to “enjoy” your commute e.g. listen to a podcast, audio book, radio channel or turn up the music loud and sing to your heart’s content!

Some People will Return to Work in a Hybrid Model of Some Description

This will also feel like a change.  Others will continue their remote working model.  However; always remember true remote working is not the same as remote working during a pandemic!  True remote working allows flexibility, better work life balance, more productivity and sometimes the chance to meet a friend for lunch.

Whatever your work situation, enjoy the positives!  We spend a lot of our lives working and it’s always best when we enjoy what we do!

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