What are the New Sick Pay Benefits I’ve Heard About?

Sick Pay for Everyone?

For years, paid time off when sick has been viewed as a company benefit or perk for employees.  It is usually given to employees in the public sector and large scale organisations.  Some employers have very attractive paid sick pay schemes which give employees security if sickness occurs.

The Pandemic showed us the Importance of Good Health

It is safe to say that nobody wants to be unwell.  Most people like their job and go willingly each day.  Paid sick leave is generally availed of by very few employees.  That said, sickness occurs unexpectedly and often at the most inconvenient of times.

Employees like Feeling Secure in their Job

In July 2022, the Sick Leave Act 2022 was signed into law.  This law introduced a statutory right to sick pay for employees and this took effect from 1st January 2023.  This entitlement up to 10 days per calendar year will be introduced over a four year period.

The schedule for paid sick leave is:

  • 3 paid sick days per calendar year in 2023
  • 5 paid sick days per calendar year in 2024
  • 7 paid sick days per calendar year in 2025
  • 10 paid sick days per calendar year in 2026

Terms and Conditions Apply!

There are various rules in how this is applied.  For example, the employee must obtain a medical certificate to avail of this statutory sick pay and must also have worked for the employer for at least 13 weeks.  The legislation requires that the employer must pay 70% of the employee’s wages, up to a maximum of €110 per day.

What if my Employer already has a Sick Pay Scheme?

Section 9 of the Sick Leave Act sets out that if an employer already provides a more favourable sick pay scheme to their employees, they will not be obliged to comply with the statutory sick pay rules.