New Year, New Job!

Starting any new job can be daunting!

Starting any new job can be daunting.  Many of us tend to associate the New Year with a new career move.  Many people will start; or intend to start; a new job in the coming year.

Here are some tips that may prove useful when taking on your new role:

Day 1

The first day will be especially daunting.  Make sure you get up a little earlier and have a good breakfast.  This will give you the best possible start to the day.  Pack a notebook and pen to jot down names and other notes.  These notes can be very useful for referring to in the weeks ahead.


It is natural to be nervous and a little apprehensive when you are starting a new job.  Make sure you bring your best smile and try to be warm and open to everyone you meet.  This will make it easier to call on colleagues when you need to ask a question or are unsure of something.  Having friendly faces around makes everyone’s day more enjoyable!


Your listening skills are perhaps the most important thing to bring to your new job during the first few days and weeks.  Try to take on board as much information as possible making notes as you go.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions to make sure you fully understand what is being explained.


Most companies have onboarding or induction programs.  These differ greatly in length and content but should be set up to reflect the position and the industry.  They can also be great opportunities to meet other new starters which can be a huge support throughout your settling in period.


If there are any obstacles that are making settling in harder, relay them to your Manager as early as possible.   This could be in relation to accessing software, emails, processes, lack of information or training needs etc.  The earlier you can communicate any concerns the quicker they can be dealt with.

Communication with your new colleagues is vitally important too.  Take up offers for lunch and coffee where you can.  These are great opportunities to make new work friends and to learn all the unwritten ‘rules’ within the company.

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway!

Feeling like you may never get to grips with it?  Remind yourself of all your skills and experience.  No doubt you may have moved from a job that you could probably do with your eyes closed – remember that and embrace the new challenges ahead!

Settling In

The first three months are referred to as the “red zone”!  This is the period when new employees will be most at risk of leaving, so remember there will be great days and not so great days while you are settling in, but give it time and you will find that one day you will be surprised to feel like you’ve been there forever.

Good Luck!

Good luck in your new role wishing you every success in this and future career moves.

Thinking of a move?

If you have not yet made a move and are considering a career move in 2020 get in touch.  We would love to hear from you!