Should I Use the Services of a Recruitment Agency?

There is always demand for experienced candidates for jobs in Ireland.  Sometimes applicants and companies ask if they use the services of a recruitment agency.

The Fight for Talent

The fight for talent has never been stronger.  With in-house talent acquisition teams, talented agency recruiters and various job boards emailing alerts to candidates daily, there is keen demand for skilled professionals.

Time is an Intangible yet Expensive Commodity

Lengthy time delays reduce the chances of hiring the right person. Time is valued as much as raw materials and other tangible resources in the workplace. Organisations recognise this fact and often work exclusively with recruitment agencies for these reasons.

The Risk of Using Recruitment Agencies is Minimal

The risk of using a recruitment agency is minimal.   Contingent price offerings are available from the recruitment agency.  The onus is on the agency recruiter to deliver strong results based on the brief given by the hiring organisation.

Experienced candidates have busy careers and busy lives and their time is incredibly valuable to them.  Commute times can be lengthy.  Additional working hours may be required.  The less time job seekers need to spend on job applications, the better. Job seeking can be time consuming with calls during business hours can be awkward to receive.

Recruitment agencies eliminate this work and save time for the job applicant

There are other benefits to the applicant also, such as:

  • Specialist industry knowledge of the region and profession offered by the agency recruiter allows the candidate to make more informed choices.  This knowledge enables people to decide how this new job opportunity can add to their career aspirations
  • Salary ranges are available prior to interview.  This is preferable to discovering salary ranges after the interview, when all of the interview preparation and interview attendance time has already been invested. A proficient and experienced agency recruiter will also know the market rates.  Recruiters can advise applicants appropriately on salaries.
  • At the offer stage, agency recruiters can also negotiate on behalf of the applicant from a position of knowledge. Direct salary negotiation can be challenging. Some negotiation difficult.  Agencies remove this difficulty.
  • A good agency recruiter can provide interview coaching to those who need additional assistance. This is based on assisting the applicant in their communication style.  This allows the job applicant to explain their experience in a more effective way.
  • Relevant job opportunities will be presented to the candidate.  Therefore; upon registration with the recruitment agency; the candidate may otherwise have missed due to their busy lives. This remains true for many years after registering as good experience never loses value!

In summary, recruitment agencies remain relevant and valuable to both hiring companies and applicants. People buy from people and that will always be the case where new employees are concerned!