Take Pride in Your Job

Every job takes a particular set of skills.  Those who take pride in their job stand out amongst their colleagues.  We have all been in establishments where staff members look bored and others look highly engaged in their activities.

It is Always Evident who is Interested in their Job

Those who take pride in their job tend to be more successful and happier in the working lives.  As we spend so much of our week at work, being happy with our jobs is important.  Happier at work means happier in life and that can only be a good thing.

How do I do This?

Be Punctual

Late arrival for work and/or meetings (both in person or virtual) can give the impression the other meeting attendees are not a priority.  This is not the impression we wish to give other stakeholders in the business.  Mutual respect is crucial.  Attending meetings and/or conference calls in a timely fashion gives a positive impression and starts the conversation on the right footing.

Dress the Part

Dress codes vary from organisation to organisation and from sector to sector. Dressing the part does not necessarily involve suits. Dressing appropriately is more relevant in todays world of work. Some organisations prefer staff members to wear casual clothes. Some roles require specific protective clothing for example. Dressing appropriately for the task in hand demonstrates you are ready to start and also demonstrates that you have prepared for the day ahead.

Offer Assistance

Employers appreciate general helpfulness. Each person has a job to do and will have varying busy times. When you take pride in your job, you demonstrate that you take pride in the organisation you work for. When you enjoy working for an organisation, it becomes very natural to offer assistance to colleagues when needed. This builds team morale and develops trust between staff members.

Get Involved

People who don’t take pride in their work will do the necessary duties required of them. Getting involved in activities outside of that will not occur to them.  Jobs become more varied and interesting when employees get involved in other projects. It may also expose a person to an area of work they enjoy and had not previously considered. So whilst it is beneficial to an organisation for staff to get involved in additional projects, it also becomes very beneficial for an individual to add to their existing skill set.


This one may appear like an unusual item to include but it’s not. Smiling is contagious. Smiling can be heard in a telephone voice. It can cheer others up and also cheers up the smiling person themselves! Give it a try. It is very difficult not to smile back at someone who smiles at you. It certainly demonstrates you are happy in your work and that you take pride in your job!

Smile and the World Smiles at You!