Top Tips for Remote Working

How do we Ensure Success with our Remote Working Model?

Aspire Recruitment is a remote working organisation.  It is a flexible working option that ensures we can adapt to our client and candidate needs with ease.

Here are Some Remote Working Tips for You:

Start the Day Right

Begin your work day with the same routine you would have if you were going to a set location for work.  If you are new to remote working, perhaps use your previous commute time to enjoy breakfast at your leisure.  Or; take a walk; or; get a head start on some chores to make the end of your working day easier! 

Start on the Right Foot with Friends and Family

Remote working is still a new concept for many people. Some people have the view that they can drop in for coffee randomly.  Other people think that you can pop into town to meet them at their wish.  Indeed, you can be given random errands to run by others who are under the misconception that “you’re not really working” or “your boss will never know the difference”!  It is important that you set clear boundaries from the outset.  Let your friends and family know your hours of work and tell them you will be more than happy to meet them for lunch or after work.

Have a Designated Work Area

Remote working can involve a mix of working from home, working from hot desks and in the field.  When remote working involves working from home, designate a quiet, bright area to work in.  This designated area is preferably one that you can close the door on at the end of your working day.  Having an area that you can close off will help you keep your work and home life separate and ensure any equipment or information is secure.

Remember to Finish Work On Time

Keep to your regular working hours.  It is surprisingly easy to forget to stop working when you work remotely.  It is often the case that when you are enjoying your job, it is difficult to stop as you don’t see other colleagues visibly leaving a building.  Set an alarm on your phone for lunch.  Set an alarm on your phone at your regular finish time.  Sometimes we need a tangible reminder of these important breaks to eat or stop work.  Try not to get into the habit of working longer hours as this could negatively impact your home life and negate the positive benefits remote working provides.  Go to the gym.  Go to an exercise class.  Take the dog for a walk.  All of these activities will help you disconnect from work and recognise that your working day has now ended.

Stay in touch

Keep in touch with colleagues throughout the day.  Make an effort to meet with friends at lunchtime or in the evenings.  By keeping connected, this will help to prevent feelings of isolation that can sometimes creep in with remote working.

Want to Hear More Tips about Remote Working?

If you’d like to hear more tips, get in touch with us!  We’d love to hear from you!