Where has the Art of Conversation Gone?

Daily life in business in Ireland involves various methods of communication. Business communication methods include e-mail, phone calls, online meetings, in person meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, networking events, webinars, very occasional letters, and of course general conversation.

Increased use of Hybrid Working and Remote Working

Increased use of hybrid working and remote working methods during 2020 and 2021 in particular, meant that the in person communication frequency dramatically declined. Naturally, this resulted in employees having to remind themselves of the previously normally accepted methods of communicating in person and returning to use those methods.

This of course was very natural in established employees who were returning to the previous norms. However for those who are early in their career, this presented a challenge for some employees. For all of us, learning at the early stage of our career is often by osmosis and by being around more experienced people in person. This societal learning also includes how to converse with fellow colleagues, peers and both internal and external stakeholders.

The Work Force in Ireland is Highly Educated

“The most recent CSO Educational Attainment Thematic Report 2022 shows that Ireland continues to have one of the highest rates of third level education in the EU-27 with 62 per cent of 25-34 year olds in Ireland having a third level qualification in 2021, compared with the EU-27 average of 41 per cent.” Source

We are known Worldwide as Storytellers

We are known worldwide as storytellers. This transfers very naturally to the business world where we equally are known as being pleasant to do business with.  Our ability to converse naturally supports this impression.

Technology is Essential in Business

Technology is essential in business.  Social media channels are also essential in modern business. However, it remains more essential than ever to ensure the art of conversation in Ireland remains a priority in business in Ireland.

Why are Conversational Skills Important at Interviews?

Interviews will always contain an element of general conversation and chit chat. The purpose of general conversation in an interview situation is to put a person at their ease at the beginning of an interview and also to allow a more natural finish to that interview. An applicant who has inserted good communication skills on their CV and then during the course of the interview fails to engage in the general conversation element will unlikely be progressed to the next stage.

Skills are essential for each successful person to get the job. However if they do not have the ability to converse, the employer will be unlikely to hire them as they will not have demonstrated their ability to communicate in reality with their potential teammates.

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