Interview Preparation

Job seeking can be time consuming and involve a lot of steps in the process to a successful outcome. Job applications naturally form the first step and one that effective recruitment consultants can complete on your behalf. Professional recruiters will ensure to present the relevant experience you have for the role. This will maximise your chance of being selected for the role you are most suited to.

Selection for interview is the key opportunity for you to demonstrate your abilities for the desired job.

Effective interview preparation is crucial

Research the organisation

It is important that you learn as much as possible about the organisation before the interview. With the amount of information available online, there is no excuse for skipping this step. The company website is just one source of information. Also check news articles, review websites, financial statements, etc – all of this additional research will give you a more complete picture of the organisation you may end up working for.

Know your CV inside out

During your interview, you need to be able to speak fluidly about your experience to date. It is also important that you can discuss your dates of employment and education with ease and without hesitation. Hesitation can raise doubt to an interviewer. No one should know your career better than you. You should know your career without referring to your CV. Some people think it is wise to bring your CV into your interview. This is not recommended. You should know it without reference to any document.

Understand the job description thoroughly

Your recruitment consultant will have sent you the relating job description (where it exists) prior to your interview. Read it thoroughly and use it as a working document for your interview preparation. Highlight the areas you are strong in and areas for improvement. This will allow you to identify your key strengths and weaknesses in relation to the job in question. When you know these, you can ensure you approach the interview appropriately to emphasise your suitability and to explain how you will overcome your weaknesses.

Determine the key competencies of the job and prepare relevant work examples

Competency based interviewing is a great interview technique to easily ascertain a person’s actual previous example. By working through the job description, you will also identify the key competencies for the role. Once you know the key competencies required, prepare examples of actual situations you have encountered in your work life which demonstrate these key competencies. It isn’t necessary to have numerous examples prepared. Generally two or three detailed work examples will cover any competency based interview question you will be asked. Work closely with your recruitment consultant to ensure your examples serve their purpose.

Plan your trip to the exact location of the interview in advance

Ensure you know exactly where the interview will be held. If you are unsure, make the journey prior to the interview so that you can establish exactly where it is and how long it will take you to get there. This will ensure you are on time for your interview. If you are curious what the actual commute will be like, try the journey when you would be leaving the house for work if you were to get the job. This allows you to know the full information of the commute should you be successful post interview.

Ensure you have questions to ask the interviewer(s) at the end of the interview

Interviewers will usually ask you if you have questions to ask them at the end of the interview. It is important that you have one or two questions to ask. This can be tricky as you will want questions that the interviewers won’t have covered in the interview. Try to focus your questions on technical elements of the job or else about the structure of the week/month/year – something that demonstrates your keen interest in the actual job itself.

Practice interview questions with your recruitment consultant before the interview

When you work with a recruitment agency, you have a superb opportunity to work with a skilled recruitment professional to maximise your chance of getting your preferred job. Use this opportunity. In Aspire Recruitment we offer interview preparation to all of those we represent for jobs. Ensure to ask your recruitment consultant for support in this area. It will give you the best possible chance of securing the job.

For any other interview advice, feel free to contact us for more information.