It’s Time to Take Stock

Christmas is Fast Approaching

Christmas is fast approaching.  It’s time to take stock.  For many organisations that also represents the end of the financial year.  New financial years bring new targets, new budgets, new goals for organisations.

We Are No Different

We Should Start Planning our New Goals for 2019 now.

Goals don’t need to be financial. They can be altruistic.  They can be personal goals.  Goals are personal to the individual.

Whatever our Goals are, they must be SMART.

When we set goals without dates and/or deadlines, they are dreams.  Dreams are essential for everyone however goals break down dreams into achievable chunks.  We can achieve our dreams through goal setting!

What are SMART Goals?

SMART stands for

  • Specific – they need to be detailed and contain precise information.  Vague goals are unclear and offer no direction to the person
  • Measurable – describe your goals in such a way that it is clear when you have achieved them.  For example a goal could be “I will pass my next two accountancy exams in the next six months” versus a vague goal of “I will study for some accountancy exams”
  • Achievable – impossible-to-achieve goals are pointless to include and demotivate the person setting the goals.  Achieving goals encourages us to set and achieve more goals and that is where growth comes from
  • Realistic – the timing and volume of work involved need to be based on available capacity of resources.  Some people push themselves too hard and despite working brilliantly, they feel uninspired as they don’t achieve their unrealistic goals
  • Time-Set – a time period for the setting of goals must be included.  Goals may be for a financial year in business or calendar year in a person’s life.  It doesn’t matter how long you state.  We set goals for each day, each week, each month, each quarter, etc.  In fact the more goals set for shorter periods, the more longer terms goals we will achieve!

Aspire Recruitment was set up in January 2018 to support those in achieving their career aspirations.  This ethos and business plan contains many SMART goals.  Without these SMART goals, Aspire Recruitment wouldn’t have had the strong first year in business that we’ve had.

If you’re struggling to set your personal goals for 2019, get in touch. It would be our pleasure to arrange a career consultation with you to discuss in further detail.