Don’t Put Your Job Search on Hold this Summer!

“September is a Great Time to Start Looking for a job”

I have heard said every single year of my recruitment career.  It is a common misconception.

We have the “back to school” mentality engrained in our psyche after a generation of education early in our lives. The idea that Summer holidays means a pause in business may have been true historically but certainly hasn’t been true for many years.

Do Things Slow in the Job Seeking Process during the Summer Period?

Absolutely Yes they do slow but do they stop?

Absolutely Not!

Decisions to hire can sometimes be delayed as hiring managers and decision makers take annual leave from work. However; when an organisation needs to hire a person; they will hire regardless of the season or weather!

Job seeking can be time consuming and it is important that the job seeker is ready for the move. Some people may decide to enjoy the brighter evenings and focus on the job search later in the year. However, it is wise to remember that perhaps that will increase your competition in the market place; so why wait?

Why not Strike while the Iron is Hot?

Now that you’ve made the decision to move to a new role, why pause your efforts? The sunshine in this country is so minimal that often when it shines, we forget about our focus and get distracted from our goals. Don’t let that happen to you this Summer.

You may well Miss the Opportunity You have been Waiting for!

If you wait until the first week in September to start looking for your next job, please remember that many other people are doing the same thing.

Reduce Your Competition

Start your job search when others are focused elsewhere.  Your career does not stop because the sun comes out.  Don’t stop your job search because of warmer temperatures!

Talk to us if you’d like to discuss your career aspirations with us. We will advise you how we can help you, including during this Summer!