September – Back to School Season

September is “Back to School” Season

Traditionally, September is the busiest month for hiring during the year with January the only month ahead of it.  There is something psychological about people wanting new beginnings in September alongside new beginnings every January!

According to last year “September is one of the biggest job hunting months of the year according to Ireland’s number one recruitment website, Job searches increase up to 4% above the monthly average as people return to work after the summer holidays.”

It pays to know when the busy times are for hiring and job seeking as the more competition job seekers have, the more difficult it is to secure your preferred job.

Reasons Why September is a Popular Month to Change Jobs:

  • Perhaps it is because the summer heat has started to abate
  • The brightness of each evening has started to lessen
  • Traffic volumes have increased when schools reopen

All of these things add to a general feeling of wanting to either return to work or change jobs.  Those who have decided to take the summer months off work following redundancies or relocations commence their job search. Those wishing to change jobs also join this cohort of job seekers.

The great thing about the timing of this is that companies hiring also jumps!

Hiring managers have returned from their summer holidays. This means all decision makers are all back in work at the same time.

There are a range of reasons why September is the busiest month for recruitment.

With the end of Q3 approaching and likely results for year end approaching, decisions to hire become more urgent and definite. Hiring budgets may need to be used up within the calendar year. Additional head count might be required to achieve the remaining productivity for the year.

Whatever the reasons for higher recruitment needs in September, it does mean it’s often a good month to look if you are seeking a new career opportunity.

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